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ChildView Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines Calculator

  • Fully integrated module using the main program’s data input

  • The appropriate formula for quantum and duration is automatically chosen based on the data input, thereby reducing errors and misapplication

  • The formula used is displayed on the screen and report

  • Suggested duration for support is automatically calculated

  • Handles simple to complex parenting arrangements

  • Flexibility in addressing specific situations, such as child support variations

  • Automatically factors in “notional” child support where there is primary parenting of any child

  •  Disclosure of parameters used such as income, deductions, taxes and benefits

  • Up to eight iterations between the low and the high end of the range of support may be calculated

  • Concise, informative reporting of the calculated results

  • A detailed cash analysis of any level in the range, including the effect on income taxes and benefits obtained with a double click of the mouse

  • The support range may be flowed directly to the “Spousal Support Analyzer” to review the after-tax effects of the support for both parties

SSAG Custodial parent with gross up skewed copy-no circle.png
  • Years of cohabitation may be input or calculated from the court forms detail to ensure information consistency

  • Provides detailed disclosure of the grossed up child support used in the “Custodial Parent” or “Adult Child” formulas

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