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About Us

What started as an in-house project in 1996 to address the calculation requirements of the proposed federal Child Support Guidelines and assist with the family law litigation support work of ChildView’s founder, Barry Gardiner, FCA, CFP (retired), quickly grew into a commercial venture in 1997. As numerous provincial and territorial governments, along with members of the family law bar across Canada, looked for software solutions to address these new child support calculations, the ChildView team was ideally suited to fill this need. 

From this foundation, the ChildView software was created. When the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines were introduced, these calculations were integrated into the capabilities of the software and provided an enhancement to the original ChildView spousal support analytical tool.

With the strong accounting and tax background of the ChildView developers, a very different perspective is provided by the ChildView software. It bridges the knowledge gap between the Child Support Guidelines theory and the actual number crunching.  The correct calculations require that the underlying, complex income tax and benefits requirements be addressed and the ChildView software, along with the extensive support that is offered, does just that. 

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