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Version 2024.1.1

January 18, 2024

Program Changes

  1. A correction has been made in the Lump Sum Payment Calculator in circumstances where spousal support between the parties has already been entered in the main screen.  This situation will only arise where the spousal support recipient’s income before spousal support will be eligible for the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB). 

  2. A new video tutorial has been added on customizing court forms.

Version 2024.1.0

January 8, 2023

This version of ChildView includes all the 2024 tax and benefit numbers that are known or may be estimated at this time.

Program Changes

  1. In this release, based on user feedback, the functionality of changing children’s names in the Express mode of the program has been improved.

  2. The “Help” file has been updated to include a new section on the “Life Insurance Calculator.” In addition, various other sections have also been updated for the 2024 information.

Income Tax Changes

  1. The 2024 income tax and government benefits numbers, as known or may be estimated at this time, have been included in this version of ChildView.

  2. The CPP second level enhancement, that is effective as of January 1, 2024, has been to the calculations. As with the first level enhancement, this second contribution is also a tax deduction.

  3. The increase of the additional carbon action incentive payment (CAIP) for rural residents from 10% to 20% has been included in this version.

Province Specific Changes

Prince Edward Island

  1. Per Bill 14, which received first royal assent June 21, 2023, the PEI government implemented an increase of $750 to the “basic personal exemption”(BPE) for both 2023 and 2024. In addition, increases have also been made to the AED, spousal credit, age credit and the ‘Low-Income Tax Reduction” threshold. The bill also doubles the “Children’s Wellness” tax credit from $500 to $1,000 for 2024. Lastly, the bill eliminates the surtax for 2024, adds two additional tax brackets and increases the thresholds and reduces the rates for the original three brackets. All these 2024 changes have been included in this program release.


  • Per Bill 89, which received royal assent November 14, 2020, the “other than eligible dividends” (small business dividends) tax credit has increased for  2024 to 2.938% for 2024 and is scheduled to increase to 3.362% for 2025. The 2024 rate has been updated in this version.

Please download the software update from the link below.

          Click to download the software update version 2024.1.1.  

          Click to download the software update version 2024.1.1. (Alternative Link)

Please download the full version 2024.1.1 from the link below.

           Click to download the full version.  

           Click to download the full version (Alternative Link)

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