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Attention: Alberta Family Law Practitioners

ChildView® - Korbitec Partnership

DATE: March 24, 2016

SUBJECT: ChildView® partners with Document Assembly Software

We’re excited to announce that there is now a new end-to-end solution for family law in Alberta!  ChildView® Inc. has partnered with Korbitec, Inc., developer of Automated Civil Litigation (ACL3), to facilitate the creation and completion of the appropriate family law court documents, agreements, reports, charts and letters, using the power of ACL3 document assembly and the ease of the ChildView® support calculations. Through ACL3’s family law module, child and spousal support data from ChildView® will automatically populate the appropriate family law documents.

By using ACL3 for document assembly, this combined solution enhances your ChildView® experience in three ways:

1. It allows you to create family law documents quickly and easily.

2. It eliminates re-entry of data when creating and completing forms, reducing the possibility of errors.

3. It ensures that client data collection is always complete, using ACL3’s built-in prompts as forms are completed.

Read the full story at the Korbitec website -, where you can also view ACL3 online demo videos.

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