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Version 2021.2.0

Version 2021.2.0 of ChildView® includes a new component that will facilitate future automatic program updates, as well as some minor screen enhancements and bug fixes.

Program Changes:

  1. The most significant enhancement in this version of ChildView® is the addition of a new component to facilitate automatic program updates.  Once 2021.2.0 is installed, ChildView® will now check for a program update when the program is opened and prompt for the installation if one is found.  This will allow all users to stay current without having to download an update from an email link.
  2. The calculation of Canadian dividends has been streamlined to eliminate the rounding discrepancy when moving from a taxable amount to a cash amount and back to a taxable amount.
  3. The behavior of the “Pension Input” window has been modified to ensure that the “Pension Tax Credit” question is asked when necessary.
  4. Enhancements have been made to a number of screens, such as the “View Results” menu and the “Income Over $150,000” view screen, to make them consistent with the main windows in the program.
  5. Information in the Help file has been updated, including the status of various COVID-19 initiatives.

Income Tax Changes:

  1. Version 2021.2.0 of ChildView® includes some residual changes from the spring budgets.  Please see the details by jurisdiction below.

Federal Changes:

  1. The various Canada recovery benefits have been extended to October 23, 2021.  Details on these benefits have been updated in the Help file to reflect the changes.

Province Specific Changes:

Newfoundland and Labrador:

  • Per Bill 15, which received royal assent June 23, 2021, a new refundable physical activity tax credit has been created effective January 1, 2021.  Eligible fitness expenses incurred to a maximum of $2,000 per household may be claimed for the party, the party’s spouse or common-law partner and their children who are under 18 at the end of the year.  While the claim may be shared where more than one party is eligible, the total claim may not exceed the maximum available if only one party made a claim.  The maximum refund would be $174.  This credit has been included in this release of ChildView®.


  • The Yukon carbon rebate for 2021 has been revised to the actual amount per information released by CRA.

To view the complete list of program changes and enhancements included in this version please click on the PDF below.

We hope everyone stays safe and well. Thank you for your continued support.

If you have any questions please call 780-433-8111 (in the local Edmonton area) or toll free at 1-800-787-8620 (in all other locations) or email us at

Download the latest software update from the link below.

        (EXE version)

        (MSI version, needs admin rights to install)

Download the latest standalone full installer version from the link below if you are reinstalling ChildView.


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