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ChildView® Spousal Support Analyzer

If you wish to determine the after-tax effect of spousal support, or do an analysis of incremental levels of spousal support, the powerful ChildView® Spousal Support Analyzer tool is at your finger tips.

The ChildView® Spousal Support Analyzer allows you to quickly input incremental levels of spousal support and display and/or print the results at each level with regard to:

  • cash flow impacts,
  • changes to income taxes,
  • changes to child support and specifically the section 7 components of child support, and
  • changes to government benefits including Canada Child Benefits etc.
ChildView® Spousal Support Analyzer Easy Input


You may also choose one level of spousal support to use in the child support calculations under the Guidelines. This amount may be entered directly in the ChildView® Spousal Support Analyzer window, in the "Desired Monthly Spousal Support" field, and will flow back to the calculations in the main part of the program. Further, you may double click on any line in the grid to see the detailed cash analysis for that level of spousal support.

ChildView® Spousal Support Analyzer Extra Features


The ChildView® Spousal Support Analyzer may also be accessed directly from the ChildView® "Spousal Support Advisory Guideline Calculator" (SSAG Calculator) by clicking the "View in Analyzer" button when you are in the SSAG Calculator window.

Access ChildView® Spousal Support Analyzer from ChildView® SSAG Calculator
Version 5.3
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