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In addition to family law practitioners, mediators and educators, the program is being used by the courts and/or government agencies in the majority of the Canadian provinces and territories.

 This fully integrated program includes:

  • Two data entry modes - Express Mode and Standard Mode
  • Guidelines table child support and special expense calculator
  • ChildView® Spousal Support Analyzer
  • ChildView® "Spousal Support Advisory Guideline" calculator
  • ChildView® Lump-sum Payment calculator
  • Retroactive calculations back to 2009
  • In-depth "Gross Up Calculator" for converting cash based incomes
  • "Standards of Living Test" calculator
  • Detailed Help file in the program
  • Property Statements
  • Detailed disclosure and reporting of calculations
  • And much, much more!

Your annual license includes:

  • Unlimited, toll free telephone support
  • All program updates within the licensing period


Interested in learning more about the calculations and ChildView® tool?

Workshops focused on the accounting and tax implications of the Guidelines, on income determination, or on spousal support are also offered for an additional fee. Please see the "Workshops" page for more information.

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