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ChildView® is a complete program that does not require additional modules or add-ons to address all areas of the Child Support Guidelines calculations.  All of the following are included in the basic program:

New Feature:

ChildView® now includes a new component to facilitate automatic program updates. After the new version (2021.2.0) is installed, ChildView® will check for a program update when the program is opened and prompt for the installation if one is found, allowing all ChildView®  users to stay current without email notification.

Standard Features:

  • ChildView® has two data entry modes - the "express" data entry mode as well as our robust standard mode that captures all aspects of child and spousal support calculations.
  • Calculations for calendars years 2009 through to the current year, including all taxes and benefits appropriate for the particular year
  • Child support calculations, including the basic table amount, the calculation of the net amount of special expenses and the automatic pro-rata sharing of special expenses per section 7 of the Child Support Guidelines (CSG) for calendar years 2009 through to the current year
  • Calculation of child support under shared (section 9(a) of the CSG) and split (section 8 of the CSG) parenting arrangements
  • Guideline income adjustments per schedule III of the CSG
  • Input and consideration of undue hardship circumstances per section 10 of the CSG
  • Calculation of child support where Guideline income is over $150,000
  • Calculation of child support for children at or over the age of majority
  • Input and integration of other people in the household as it relates to income tax calculations and the standards of living test
  • Automatic calculation of the household income ratio per schedule II of the CSG based on the information entered
  • Determination of spousal support alternatives using the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines Calculator, the Spousal Support Analyzer, or the Lump-sum Payment Calculator for calculations from 2009 through to the current year
  • Detailed on-screen or printed results on all aspects of any of the calculations
  • Drill down details on the tax and benefits calculations for each particular year
  • The ability to export reports to Excel, PDF or RTF directly from the report's print preview

Additional Features:

  • Video tutorials that walk you through the use of both the "standard" and the "express" mode of the program.
  • Enhanced "Gross Up Calculator" that will assist in imputing cash based and foreign sourced income to an appropriate amount for Child Support Guidelines purposes based on the specific source and the desired source of equivalency.
  • "Notes" that will allow users to document information specific to the file, such as assumptions that have been made in doing the calculations, or reasons for departing from the calculated support etc.
  • "Quick Table Lookups" for the May 1, 1997 tables, the May 1, 2006 tables, the December 31, 2011 tables, and the November 22, 2017 tables that will provide the instant determination of base child support in revision or retroactive situations
  • Property and financial statement input and reporting
  • Monthly budget input and reporting


Also included in the software is a comprehensive, fully integrated Help file which outlines not only how to use the software, but how the software interacts with the Child Support Guidelines (CSG), the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG), and the income tax and benefits considerations that are integral to the calculations.  The Help file is automatically updated with every ChildView® software release.

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