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SINCE 1997

Version 2024.1.2 includes the new Enhanced 12-Month Child Support Table

Perspective-Child Support Calculator 202420 copy.png

Current and Prior Years Child Support Calculator

ChildView offers child support calculations for calendar years 2009 to the current year.  Calculations include all taxes and benefits appropriate for each particular year, allowing the accurate calculation of section 7 child support, cash analysis etc.

Coming Soon

The Retroactive/Arrears Calculator

This powerful tool assists in estimating the amount of retroactive or past-due child support owed over a specified range of dates.


This includes:

  1. Dynamic recalculation: As a child reaches the age of majority, the calculator automatically adjusts the section 3 table amounts. No need for manual updates!

  2. Guideline Income flexibility,

  3. Departure from section 3 table amounts,

  4. Payment arrangements,

  5. Interest considerations, and more!

Perspective-Retroactive-Arrears Features 202420 copy.png
Perspective-SSAG Features 202420 copy.png

SSAG Calculator

As an integral part of the ChildView program, this tool will calculate the suggested range of spousal support based on the formulas described in the “Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines” paper commissioned by the federal Department of Justice.  The tool provides flexible input to address special situations, along with detailed reporting.

Spousal Support Analyzer

This tool gives additional insight into the impact of a spousal support range by providing a detailed, after-tax analysis of up to ten levels of spousal support.  It may be used independently or in conjunction with the SSAG Calculator.

Perspective-Spousal Support Analyzer Features 202420 copy.png
Perspective-Lump Sum Features 202420 copy.png

Lump Sum Payment Calculator

The third tool in ChildView’s suite of spousal support calculation offerings is an integrated, flexible calculator that determines the equivalent lump-sum amount of an on-going stream of taxable spousal support payments.

Gross Up Calculator

This tool calculates the appropriate, equivalent pre-tax amount of cash based and foreign sourced incomes as required by the Child Support Guidelines.  The calculated result is based on the party’s specific situation, the original source of the income and the desired taxable source.

Perspective-Gross Up Calculator - Features 202420 copy.png
Perspective-Court Forms Features 202420 copy.png

Fully Integrated Family Law Court Forms and Editor

The fully integrated courts forms module provides users with the capability to create, pre-populate and edit the necessary family law court forms. The Court forms can be customize to a firm's format for font size, style and more. The built-in editor offers faster input through tab cycling. Firm specific templates may be added to the module.

10 Year Cash Projection

Building upon ChildView’s well-received cash analysis report, this feature allows for the creation of projected cash flow estimates spanning two to ten years for both parties involved. It offers customizable indexation rates for each year and detailed examination features.

Utilizing this tool may aid in recognizing the occasions when opting for the upper spectrum of spousal support is beneficial, particularly in securing your client’s future financial situation, which is crucial when children are factored into the equation.

Perspective-10 Year Cash Projection Features 202420 copy.png
Perspective-Life Insurance Features 202420 copy.png

Life Insurance 


ChildView’s powerful and flexible life insurance calculator estimates the minimum amount of life insurance needed to cover a party’s child and spousal support obligations.  Results are provided in total or on a child by child basis and allow for differing support cessations.

Fully Integrated and Comprehensive Help File

Also included in the software is a comprehensive, fully integrated Help file which outlines not only how to use the software, but how the software interacts with the Child Support Guidelines (CSG), the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG), and the income tax and benefits considerations that are integral to the calculations.  The Help file is automatically updated with every ChildView software release.

Help Features 202420 copy.png
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